This is my first record. A friend sent me a link to this site not knowing at all what it was. To her it meant nothing...but to me...I really see the beauty in it. I love that artists are coming together and sharing what makes them unique. I really love it. So here is my contribution. :)

- - - -

werd to the woman that is wiser than the womanizer
so what if she tries, sir?
talk the talk and keep on to walk
even her thirst takes the talks
to risk the race that rocks

it's all in the want even though she can't
contain that constant squabble
her, she can.
mindlessly split to timelessly quit

she feels wiser
to know how to reach higher
she will take the improve
thanks for the sake
creating the truth

talks cahoots with mocks
conceitly awry while she cries
all ignorant of the beam,

the dream may seem
beyond sunshine is her
this is when she knows
here is her tiptoe to grow

the thirst for contempt holds
an arrest to remain
she'll risk the slip to dream drastically dry
spook without speak just cause
falling splat split and it shakes
fliggle to the footfall

in all her feminine the woman
feels the bold to the untold
here is her dream
feel it.


Created: Feb 05, 2010


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