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Beat 714

By Robo_J

while working on a REmix of "the prize," i got this riff in my head. so i put prize on hold and worked on this.

sampled a bit of Lava Tornado and another tasy find from GwenInterrupted's trusty loop collection.

Guitar, Bass, Arrangement ~ meeeee

rather than sit around with it, i'm sharing it in its "rough draft" state. or whatever.

i'd love to get someone doing a nice hip hop flow to it. or something of that nature.


this is why i hit RECord.


This RECord can now be heard on the HitRECorderly #3 Vinyl (released Summer 2012) as "Diamond in the Rough"

check it out here:

Beat 714

Created: Jul 15, 2011

Tags: robo j, diamond in the rough, vinyl, hittrecorderly, house, riff, drum, remix, beat, guitar, beat 714, bass, dance

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