The Story About The Bunny Baby That Turned Into Morgan M. Morgansen...

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[title cont: ...’s food ] Adam and Meredith were a happy bunny couple that lived in a beautifully decorated cave near a river. Lucky Meredith, it was also near a shopping mall. Adam and Meredith were in love, and when they found out they were going to have bunny babies they found themselves swimming in a pool of happiness and joy.

Three years later, the happy bunny family decided to go out camping. Since they’ve only moved in a radio between their beautifully decorated cave, the river, and the shopping mall, Adam told the family they should try going someplace else. Someplace far. Jenny, Stuart, Leo, Dylan, Penelope, Michael and Steven were having dinner when they heard this news. Jenny, Stuart, Leo, Penelope, Michael and Steven were really excited. Dylan, less so. Dylan had a secret girlfriend but he didn’t want to tell his parents about her. Still, he went with his family in their trip.

Finally when they arrived to the camp, Meredith took the kids to the river to drink some water. Since they were born, Meredith has always known they were seven, but this time they weren’t. When they were near the river, Meredith did a head count that froze her to death. One little bunny, two little bunnies, three little bunnies, four little bunnies, five little bunnies, six little bunnies… then she screamed. DYLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN?! She screamed so loud, her voice could be heard from a million yards away. And a million and one yards away, Dylan was hanging out with his girlfriend behing the mall. Little did he know, a man in his late 30s was also hanging out there (not with his girlfriend, he was single). Hunting season was coming and he wanted a new shotgun (or whatever the professional call them). Dylan was kissing his girlfriend when the man came from behind with his shotgun. Dylan didn’t feel anything, but his girlfriend was left with a trauma that required help from somebody with more experience than her old sweet mother.

A few days later, in a fancy restaurant, a man sat waiting for his date to arrive. This man was good looking, but he also looked a little worried about his looks. He kept staring at himself in the mirror. He waited for a little longer when a beautiful woman with giant eyelashes walked in through the door. They sat together and a man wearing a penguin suit offered them some papers with words written on them. Then he was gone. And then he was back, with Dylan on a silver plate.

And that is the story of the bunny baby that turned into Morgan M. Morgansen’s food. You can tell this to your children in a singing tone, that way they will listen to you when you tell them you’re going camping out someplace else.

Created: Feb 05, 2010


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