Idea for a Silent (or not so Silent) Short Film

By chelsea

A young man is dressed in vintage clothing with slicked back hair, everyone else is modern. He is walking through various locations in an urban city. At each location, he notices small, almost unnoticeable words (different at each location) written in red sharpie on walls, bathrooms, subway stations, bridges, brownstones, you name it. The red ink is the only color in an otherwise black-and-white film. The words seem to be following him throughout his day, slowly forming the message but otherwise pointless on their own. However, the film plays the message out of order so that it can be interpreted in multiple ways.

The final scene is of the man observing a certain phrase. He leans in very closely, fingertips nearly grazing the graffiti. A woman working at the very stylish public building taps him on the shoulder and he turns around. She is a stern looking woman who is very clearly concerned that he has defiled the wall with his graffiti. The man shakes his head, explaining that he didn’t write the words. He seems to be genuinely awestruck that these words are somehow “following” him, he truly doesn’t know how they got there. The woman leaves him.

When he turns around to look at the words again, the red tip of a sharpie can be seen sticking out of his pocket.

The question for the viewer is: did the man write the message? Or was the fact that he had a red sharpie in his back pocket coincidence?

To my fellow HitRecorders: I'm new to this collaborative concept, but I love it. This is my first record. If you like it, do something with it! If whoever gets creative with this really feels that it’s important, take the creative liberty to pick a message. I’m all for you guys picking this up and running with it. Make a drawing, make a script, make a movie, do all the things that I’m not good at. Pick a collaboration, any collaboration. It needs you.

Idea for a Silent (or not so Silent) Short Film

Created: Feb 05, 2010


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