Firefly: A letter to my ex

By arit

The day I fell for you
I hit the ground so hard
That my heart popped out of my chest
And when you caught it
I decided to let you keep it

You turned my heart to fireflies
And at every stroke of their wings
It beat for you
And at that moment
I knew that I would never want to ask for it back

So the day you left
I decided that i'd have to live the rest of my life empty
Because I had never seen hands so full of love
So if you really are this wonderful
I don't mind you holding on to it

And I will walk these lonely roads
But I will not be alone
Because I will always have these scars
From the day I fell
Reminding me of us

I will always feel your grip
on my phantom heart
Until the day that I don't
And that day those fireflies will burst into a million singing birds
And find their way back to me

So I can start over

Firefly: A letter to my ex

Created: Jul 13, 2011


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