Sick & tired

By amysz

I don’t want to be
in love anymore.

There’s no other way
to say it.

(Not to say I’m not in love
with you, that I won’t
always be in love with you.

Or that I don’t want to
love you anymore.)

I just don’t want
to fall in love anymore.

I don’t want to fall
I don’t want to fly

I don’t want that
sick feeling in my

She says, ‘Enjoy it!’
and ‘Crushes are fun!’

I wonder if she’s
built differently

Or if something in me
has broken.

I guess
I’ve grown old
too early,

But to be honest,
I’m tired of it all

I’m so

Of stomach-churn-
ing, agonizing
tearful love

I’m tired of caring
and not being able
to help it

I renounce falling
in love, and if you
are to leave me

I'll likely be alone

Because I won’t—
I can’t bear it—
fall in love again.

Sick & tired

Created: Jul 11, 2011


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