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I rewrote Marke's narration of the Hearts & Circles help video and read an audio version. I have a bit of a lisp and a crappy mic, so if someone wants to record a new audio version, here's the text you can use. Or if you think my lisp in cute, remix this with his existing video!

There are two great tools to help you interact with hitrecord: the hearts and the circles.

The hearts are how you interact with records already on hitrecord: how you recommend someone's record, or if it's yours, how you feature it to give it more exposure on your profile.
By hitting the heart, you can also add the record to album, or if it's yours, to a collaboration.
It's also how you download the record, so you can remix it and re-upload your new creation.

The heart is no longer just a valentine, it's not just saying "I like this." It's saying, "I like this, and."
"I like this and I want to recommend it so other users will notice it."
"I like this and I want to contribute it to a collaboration, or organize it in an album."
"I like this and I want to download it to remix it."

It's an anchor for how you interact with everything on hitRECord.

That big red button is the main recording circle, which is how you add anything to hitrecord: text, video, image, or sound.
You can also start an album to compile and currate records created by yourself and others.
You can start a collaboration to work with others or suggest new kinds of records you'd like to see.
And you can reference records outside of hitrecord: anything you didn't create that you want other hitrecorders to see, like a video on Vimeo, or a photo set on Flickr.

There's another circle on every record's page: the "RE" button. This is how you respond to records and communicate with their creators.
It can be a simple remark, like "nice job," in which case the button says "record remark." That's a good way to communicate with other users, and give them encouragement or suggestions.
If you want to respond in a more substantial way by posting a new record as a result, all you have to do is add a title. Now the button says "record result." By adding a title, you've made the remark its own record, with its own page, which will appear on your profile and in the "recent records" box on the main page, and can be downloaded and remixed.
You can also upload a file, like music, an image, or a video that was inspired by the current record. Your new record will automatically have the current record added as a resource. The "remark" box now becomes the description of the uploaded file.

So whatever you're doing on hitRECord, whether it's adding new records or interacting with existing records, you're going to be using the hearts and circles.

Created: Feb 04, 2010

Tags: help, voice over, spoken, vocal, tutorial

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