not meant to be racist, but meant to be accurate, perhaps?

By ali.brittney

this is just me pouring my feelings out.
sorry in advance if you are in any way offended. (:
-again, by heart.

got on the bus
sat down across from
the morbidly obese teen
who insists on eating his burger hastefully, swallowing down his fries with the triple large milkeshake,
as he grotesquely wipes the grease
from his delightfully tasty, (not to mention healthy) afternoon snack
on the side of his jeans.
yes, i gawk at him.
and yes, he's oblivious to my staring.
it's just him and his fast-food bliss,
making him just another statistic of the national health service corps survey
of "f*cking f*cks that f*ck themselves up with cutting their respiration and life longevity in half,
injecting the most fatty fats into their butts and stomachs, waiting to pop at any given moment."
and it is the land i love,
that advertises this crap.
land of the free and home of the fat.
excuse me, i mean "obese."
(more proper and nicer way of saying things, i suppose)

i look around, the two black girls sitting adjacent to me
just couldn't keep their mouths shut
"blah blah blah" and cackling like hens
every other word was a curse word,
which further enforces the fact that
most black youth have a very limited vocabulary:
longest words would be motherf*cker and sonova[beep]
sounds rather legit to me
shows how "no child left behind" was totally effective.
thanks george bush.
you've made a huge impact and an awesome contribution to this place i dearly call home.

i soon lacked interest in listening to Shanaynay and Shaniqua,
so i looked around again.
saw a very suspicious, inconspicuous, mysterious.
but overall, unappealing middle-aged man.
he undressed me with his eyes,
unintentionally making me feel uncomfortable,
and furthermore, intentionally lusting after me,
so i could be just another rape suspect,
another one of the desperate victims fighting to get away from his grasp.
his stare made me cringe and think of the poor girls, young females, women
who are raped annually
who are scarred for the rest of their life
who are innocently screwed (no pun intended) because they were blessed with beauty
and simply walking down the street at the wrong time
is procreation that much on people's, i mean corrupt men's minds?
is there even a reason for this ridiculous idiocy?
will rape ever cease to exist?

i stopped thinking about this,
because this allowed me to stare at that man whom i hoped i'd never see again.
pray to God i'll never cross paths with a crazy, inhuman, male
who deems it appropiate to just invade someone's privacy,
let alone virginity.
yes, i hope to goodness that NEVER happens to me, and anyone i know.
hopefully it'll end altogether.

a white guy with "emo" hair and eyelined eyes
looked aimlessly, and pretty emo-ly to the front of the bus.
i'm pretty sure he felt very uncomfortable with negro heathens surrounding him from all angles.
what was he doing on this bus anyway?
shouldn't he be in the northeast or kensington,
getting stoned or drunk with his "buddies"
having sex with his girlfriend,
both being too young to even consider sex as a pastime.
or maybe he'd just go home and cut himself to "Jesus of Surburbia"
hoping for a less pathetic life
hoping for someone to notice him
hoping to even get recognition from his dear mother
who is too hooked on pot to care about tonight's dinner
and father, too hooked to the streets and other asses to grab
to acknowledge his son's want to be a lawyer and get somewhere in life.
rather he goes home to slaps in the face and threats claiming he better not be gay.
again, goodjob America
for raising awesome women and men
who still seem to neglect and abuse their children.
one can call that heaven.

or how about the asian well in the back?
i bet he has a story to tell.
relative of a "Vietnam war survivor"
but to fit in, he'd have to join a gang to make him appear tough
thing is, here on the east coast, we barely have gangs.
crips and bloods belong on the west.
(i prefer that anyway; we don't need another crisis on our hands)
so, he just puts on a tough facade wearing
"don't mess with me" all over his forehead.
yet, we all know he's probably some genius in math
and will be one of the next asians accepted into harvard and making the big bucks.
i totally love your patriotism.

my stop was approaching and i just shrugged it all off.
let me just get off and stop thinking about the world.
i swear, as the bus stopped and i awaited the doors to open,
everyone on the bus simultaneously vociferated, "Welcome to Philadelphia, city of brotherly love and sisterly affection"
i stepped down, bewildered,
but felt right at home....

not meant to be racist, but meant to be accurate, perhaps?

Created: Feb 04, 2010


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