Tracing on paper I can’t see through once again.
Wanting another vacation from my state of mind.
How many times do I have to rip out these bullets?
Guess I just enjoy pulling triggers.
If it’s all right with you I’d like to be in the wrong.
Reading off cue cards far in the distance.
I can’t find the underlining meaning of your symbolistic glances.
There must have been a point.
Or you wouldn’t have been able to put me through another notch in that belt.
Picturing you won’t work since you were always underdeveloped.
But in the light you looked promising to be on a shelf.
I only smashed our hourglass because waiting is not my strong suit.
I dry cleaned all the others.
Take it to heart.
It was all to make you realize that you didn’t learn a damn thing.
Relationships are a messy dye.
But it’s washable from your mind after a bit of scrubbing.
Apologizing for our demise is strictly a three word description:
I. don’t. care.
Missing you is probably the worst bit.
All the other bites are healing slowly.
I don’t have a clue to that murder of the boy you once were.
Although I do have your fingerprints all over my body.
Can’t stand not having the last word.
Most likely because you kept speaking out loud.
Residentially Advise those night stands with a close eye.
And I’ll sleep soundly with my furniture close at hand.
Can’t stop tracing lines around what we were in my dreams.
Slowly I realize it was never clear from the beginning.
Then again, light travels faster than sound.
Some people appear so bright, until you hear them speak.
And I’m glad you’ve shut up.


Created: Jul 08, 2011


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