Lullaby (for Sophia)

By circonflexgraveaigu

This is my first real RECord. I'm real nervous. But it's real important.


This is a French lullaby I sing to my nephew sometimes, and that I would sing to my niece Sophia if I could. I was there for her birth (which was complicated) but I have yet to see her (due to said complications, illness and, well, a year abroad). She's in the hospital now, 4 months old, and they don't know if she's going to make it. She's in California. And I'm in Paris. And I may never get to see her. So...I wanted to put this lullaby out there, in the world, in the air, just seems like the right thing to do.

The lyrics in French:
Il était un petit navire,
Qui était un petit navire.
Qui n'avait jamais navigué,
Qui n'avait jamais navigué.
Oh, eh, oh, eh matelot,
Matelot navigue sur les flots
Oh, eh, oh, eh matelot,
Matelot navigue sur les flots.

In English(my own translation, others would do it differently):
There was a little ship,
That was a little ship,
That had never set sail,
That had never set sail.
Oh, eh, oh, eh sailor,
Sailor navigate the ocean.

Not very poetic, j'avoue, but it sounds nice in French.




Lullaby (for Sophia)

Created: Feb 03, 2010


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