Can someone say something

By Milly

can someone say something
besides "I'm so sorry"

tell me something offensive

please, insult me

I need to feel a different pain

a pain different from losing love

I need to feel a different pain

I'd choosen from any or all the above

i need to feel


I need to feel

like theres something worth proving

that I can somehow rebuild

that i can somehow do this


Can somone please pinch me

slap me

hit me

let me know my nerves

still burn 

inside my body


that i'm not a monster


Oh I've, I've heard stories

of women fading away

withering into nothingness

drowing away in their sorrows and tears

sinking into their beds

drowing away their sorrows and their tears

sinking into their heads

oh I've heard tales of heart break

oh debilitating hearting

mutating heartache

the type one can not shake

because it pains them to their bones

I've even heard it said it reaches down to their soul

have you have been brave enough

to look

into a heartbroken woman's eyes

oh how you would weep

oh how you would just

shatter inside


oh can someone turn the lights on

let me know of my surroundings

Shake me!

tell me my name my location

Even I choose not to believe in

will someone just say something

Say something at all

oh if you'll all sand in a crowd and watch go through this all

well than the lleast I can ask of my troubles

is for a thunderous applause

 as I let myself drop down

and brace my numb body

for the fall



can someone say something 

without pity lacing through their words

can someone please say something

to bring me back to this world... 

Can someone say something

Created: Jul 06, 2011


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