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It's 7:00 pm.

The sun is slowly making it's bed. And we lay out on the field to watch the stars as they come out one by one to play.

There's something different about tonight though. The stars may be in a playful mood but the wind is harsh. And on this May evening, I wonder, "Isn't it supposed to be getting warmer by now?"

Then I remember why I dragged us here tonight.

I wrap myself in his arms. I've been pretty demanding about the hugs lately. But it's only because I know there's not a whole lot of them left. I'll be going home soon. And he'll be moving on.

"We should end this," I say. "Give us some time to get used to being apart."

"I don't want to. I'll wait." He was always stubborn like that.

I kiss him -- the kind that makes your toes curl and your chest hurt. He probably thinks it's a reward for his willingness to wait. I guess he'll find out soon enough.

Later I'll be going back to my place. I'll be packing what's left of my things. He'll call when he gets home maybe. And I won't pick up. Not anymore.

I was never really any good at goodbyes.

Created: Feb 03, 2010


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