By Damsel

Q. What is hitRECord?
A. This is HitRECord. It's an experiment. It's an art movement. It's a thriving community and a whole new way of doing business.

This is HitRECord. It's a new kind of production company for the 21st Century. It's a hybrid that crowdsources creativity, harnessing the energies of thousands of talented amateurs and blending them with the experience and expertise of seasoned professional artists. It gives the emergent vibrant viral new media savvy internet culture access to the classic advantages of old media success. When you contribute an original RECord to HitRECord, you don't give up any rights to your work. You simply agree to share it, and to allow your fellow HitRECorders to integrate it into yet other RECords which will then, in turn, be put back up on HitRECord and shared all over again.

This is HitRECord. It's an open invitation. It belongs to anyone with the passion, drive, ingenuity and dedication to make it their own.

Q. What is a Record?
A. A Record is a protean object. It is in a constant state of becoming; it's evolution is marked by Records which can be viewed by clicking the Resources link of a particular Record. A Record is made (Recorded) and Remade (Re-Recorded) by makers (HitRecorders) and Remakers (also HitRecorders). A RECord is a method of repetition. A technique to play it again by heart. You can sing a record. You can act a record. You can paint a record. You can recite a record. You can photograph a record. Anything that feels like art to you is a record.

Strength comes in numbers. What one person can do is made easier with the aid of another. But what of many? hundreds? thousands? from around the world. Each one carrying their ammunition of: notebooks, guitars, photoshop, spoken words, songs, ideas. Open communication is at the heart of human progress, inviting the pure truths of us all to break free and coalesce. Media used to be a monologue but it's becoming a dialogue. We listen, we learn, we record, we remix, we laugh, we leapfrog. Our ability to dream, to imagine, to create, is what makes us human.The act of collaboration unites us. It allows us to make great things possible that otherwise we would’ve never have been able to accomplish by ourselves. And we just can't wait to see what's next.

Q. Again, what is a Record?
A. This is a Record.


Created: Feb 03, 2010


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