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Moon Dream

By MajorThom

I debated in sharing this because in my head it was still undone. Upon reading Ntheon's Remixing is the sincerest form of flattery I decided to share it with the hopes that some would change and/or add to my words.

Two summers ago I had a dream that was very much like this. The next day I woke up and wrote until it was done. At the time I envisioned it being a sort of children's story with cool colorful illustrations.

Maybe this is just myself being over critical but after I was done I felt that the beginning felt a little simpler and sillier whereas some parts later felt deeper and wordier. I think a nice harmonious balance can be achieved and perhaps the journey could even be drawn out further. Whether or not anyone decides to play with this, here is my dream in rhyme form the way it was the day it came out. I hope you like it ~,

I looked to the sky and there was a round disc of glowing light,
A broad beach of energy sharing radiance with the night,

I thought to myself ~so small I must be in the moon's gaze,~
A speck in the shadow of the earth and all it surveys,

Yet if I can see the moon in all her glory from my tiny spot,
Then surely she will notice me if I go to greet her like I ought,

I started across the lush green fields my steps lit by her shine,
To approach her beauty I must reach the hills on the skyline,

I walked and walked and walked and walked and then I walked some more,
Each sanguine step I took my strides grew bigger than before,

An old man sitting on his farm porch yelled, "the moon's too far away.",
But I told him he was silly, "Look she is clearly right this way.",

From the top of the first rise, I paused to breath the moment in,
I was in luck for past the hills was the form of a mountain,

I dashed up and down the hill's slopes, the mountain's peak what my heart craves,
As the moon brightly bobbed, a big glowing sphere on soft green waves,

From way up above me I heard a falcon caw from the sky,
"The moon is out of this world, even for me she is too high",

I replied, "If you truly believe in something, the way to it will grow,
When your limits are yet undefined there is always somewhere else to go."

I soon noticed that with each step I lost a sliver of lunar light,
I stood at the base of a mountain so big it blocked out all my sight,

I pushed on, for even in darkness I failed to be alone,
For deep within my heart the moon smiled, her beauty brightly shone,

I was almost at the top when the path ended ahead,
Where before there was a path there was a sheer cliff instead,

I placed my palms on the cool stone wall but alas it was very smooth,
It would be impossible to reach the top without one single groove,

Many would have given up and thought that their aspirations were too tall,
But I love doing I'm-possible things so I pressed myself against the wall,

This mountain had also risen to extraordinary height,
I marveled at his great majesty, I thanked him for his might,

I projected to him my story, I told him why I came,
Face to face we soon realized that our spirits were the same,

I melted in to the rock, one with the moment of the miracle,
When I opened up my eyes I was standing on the pinnacle,

Shafts of light and shadow played on me through a flowing cloud of green,
For I gazed up from the roots of the biggest tree I'd ever seen,

Amidst the roots I glanced eye shaped pools with open admiration,
The tree's spirit also mirrored mine with brilliant constellations,

I started scaling the bumpy knots jutting from the massive trunk,
When I finally reached the branches I was staring at a skunk,

The skunk said, "it is hard to believe you just climbed here from the ground,
I always wished to travel there but I thought it was too far down",

I gestured to the earth below as my friend began to leave,
"You see my friend your dreams are just as close as you perceive",

I climbed the spiral of branches with happy hands and eager feet,
Moving with the melody of leaves, the breeze, and my heartbeat,

The aura of light intensified, imminent epiphany,
My feet reached the highest limbs, arms wide, I burst up through the canopy,

Blinded by pure white luminescence Luna filled my vision with her girth,
I turned around to see that my body cast a giant silhouette upon the earth,

I leapt back off the tree-top to embrace the moon with outstretched hands,
I was enveloped by the soft hug of her warm and glowing sands,

The earth which was once so big now looked lilliputian from up in space,
Still I glanced the spot where I had first stood and wished the moon could see me in that place,

In that eternal moment the moon and I glowed with positive belief,
And there below us the earthlings too were glowing, every person, every leaf,

All around me I saw modes of light gladly sending out their energy,
In the endless void of space and time they all had their place in harmony,

I lay comfortably basking in the magic of celestial infinity,
I could see forever and I was enamored with all things and their divinity ...

Moon Dream

Created: Feb 03, 2010


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