I hope it gets easier without you.

By beeADD1CT

It gets easier. Once I stop staring at you, even though staring is the obligation that comes with this broken heart, once i get over staring, i cant focus that much on you, i get distracted by my surroundings more frequently, things like sunsets and sunrises capturing my attention make me forget briefly about the fact that I'm broken. I want to remember our last kiss but all i can remember is how i feel now, I hope it gets easier without you. I hope i can appreciate the sun again, I hope i realize our last kiss isn't that important because right now it feels like my world has ended, I hope it gets easier without you. I still wanna run, i liked running but now i cant really hear the thump of my heart beat so I'm off rhythm with the wind, I still wanna sing but sad love songs are all i remember the lyrics to, I still wanna dance but I find myself standing there and becoming more and more aggravated by the music notes dancing around me, distracting me from what i want to remember...our last kiss. I still want to smile but my mouth is much too weak now.....I hope it gets easier.

I hope it gets easier without you.

Created: Feb 03, 2010


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