V3 Morgan M Morgansen Film

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Hey everyone!

Righto - well this is version two!!! A kind of gradual evolution of my interpretation, taking into account comments, and the cool additions and changes that rocked from the Sundance version.

So whats in this version?

1) Incorporated Nathan's composition,
2) Tweaked audio for voice performance, music to fit with edit.

Note : Ive stuck with the original voice over, and in general tried to maintain a mega level of mushiness!

Many new graphics you will have seen in the Sundance version too! However i want to add a bit more to the opening graphics (just a dash!)

Things to add for version 3 (ill add more to the list from suggestions that i can incporporate.

Version 3 - to add,
1) Starring Joseph, Lexi text during the drawn down shot from the zeppelings (but ill fade them in when we pause near the city at the bottom of the shot.)
2) Adjust end credits to add the credit to over 180 contributers.
3) Magic poofs of theatrical pink and or blue smoke hehe when the waitor appears and vanishes.

Created: Feb 02, 2010


Lawrie Brewster Video Media