The Faint


Goggled bard of Omaha's soul
saw the blasting beats and heard loud
feats slant furled sound through blue, white, gold
fused light, stage crew genius a'flight.

Youth of Denver! scream and sweat, crash
wings, mad fret, bash bodies with bliss:
Fraud - free grin, wistful love of trash -
Shoves crass talons into the kids.

Overgrown bangs, chip-chop babe cuts
sit atop fake, drugged clear faces
huddled, near wasted, taking puffs,
making stuff of foul talk and smoke.

Adolescent in skinny jeans
Cheap American death of dream
No more James Dean; no Jackie O
Fear the close, final act of show.

The Faint

Created: Feb 02, 2010


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