Free Creating Programs!

By gweninterrupted

Always make sure to read computer system requirements before downloading, and if you're worried about viruses you may opt not to try these. But if you do, good luck to you and i hope these are of use to you! Cheers! =)


Audacity 1.3  (music editing and mixing) -For PC or Mac


d-lusion Drumstation (makes drumbeats-sounds included) -For PC


d-lusion Rubberduck (makes techno bass synth loops with sequencer- sound included) -For PC


Psycle (music creation- sounds included) -For PC or Mac (i think)

*Everything in this album i have created using Psycle:

Psycle uses your computer keyboard as a musical keyboard and gives you a graph to chart out the notes in using different instruments. i highly recommend this one!


Visual Art:

GIMP (similar to Photoshop) -For PC or Mac

PC -

Mac -



Pencil (basic 2d animation) -For PC or Mac


Blender (high-tech animation) -For PC or Mac



Video Vangelist (video conversion) -For Mac

(recommended by MattConley)


If you have any questions about these programs, you can read more about them on the websites or ask me about them. i may be able to help you with the music programs, but as for the visual art and animation programs, i don't really know enough to help anybody out with them. Also, if you look hard enough for them online, you can find free video editing programs, but i personally have not found any that i like enough to recommend. If i do find any, i will add them to the list and comment about it. =)


Free Creating Programs!

Created: Jun 24, 2011


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