Lip Dub Project?

By Melanne

Hi dear reader,

I wanted to record a video of this but I already made a fool of myself with my ignorance of the smiley speaking and writing... and I wasn't keen to do it again in a short time. More seriously, I'm more comfortable with written English than spoken English. But I'm doing (trying) to make a video for this.

Anyway, that was for the introduction. I wanted to talk about the lip dub phenomenon. I remembered there were few references on V3 and I just discovered a new one few days or weeks ago (

I didn't really know what was exactly a lip dub, and after seeing a lip dub from our dear French politicians (I won't give the link of that, don't insist... please!), I was really curious to discover more about this. Then, I asked my dear friend Wikipedia and he explained me, in English, this, I quote :

"A lip dub is a type of video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing to make a music video. it is made by filming individuals or a group lip synching while listening to a song or any recorded audio then dubbing over it in post editing with the original audio of the song. Often, they look like simple music videos, although many involve a lot of preparation and are well produced. The most popular lip dubs are done in a single unedited shot that often travels through different rooms and situations."

And in the French version of this, I could read the word "collaborators" (well "collaborateurs"). As you can see, there is a similar vocabulary for the lip dub definition and for hitRECord (combines, collaborators, etc)... So, why we wouldn't do a project like this too? It will be a very exciting challenge! What's really interesting me with this project, it's that we're not physically at the same place. We are all from all over the world, and create this impression of physical reunion, this impression of an unedited shot could be very challenging.

I have two different ways to do this lip dub.

One way would be to create a choreography and edit the videos with the different shots of everyone doing the same choreography. I think of the example of the Japanese music band (, video which was on V3. It's used the movements synching (that's the expression?).

Another different way to do it would be create the impression of an unedited shot (but just for the virtual presence of everyone in a same place because, it would be more creative than that). We could use the blue or green background, in that way, it would multiply the possibilities of collaboration. If someone doesn't want to film him or herself singing, he or she could film (in the same size of shot) a location (road, forest, room, whatever) for example.

I know it would be a complex process, but it's not impossible, it just needs to be organized a little... there are here some people who know how to deal with the blue or green background, how to cut it out, so maybe it won't be necessary to make a tutorial videos about it, but we could do a tutorial about how to use this background (with simple rules, especially about the shadows and lightnings...), and what are the different sort of frame (wide shot, close-up, etc.)... maybe it's not necessary either but I realized that sometimes you're talking to someone about green background, lightning or how you will shoot this sequence, and this person doesn't understand at all because she or he is not in film-making... and it would be the opportunity for some people to learn more about this...

Well, it was just an idea. For my part, I think it could be a great challenge and collaboration. And we have all the talents to do everything : doing the music, writing, singing, dancing, filming, editing, doing the special effects, painting, drawing, etc.

And I'm sure there is other ways to do a lip dub that I didn't think about. What do you think?

Lip Dub Project?

Created: Feb 01, 2010

Tags: lip dub, collaboration, project

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