I Have this Idea

By HelloLindsayyyyyy

Here's my attempt to "make inspiration." =]

I don't want to turn it in to a Collaboration yet, because I'd like to see the response first.
hitRECord is getting lots of new members, which means there's people here from all over the world. My idea is simple, take a camcorder, phone, what ever you have that shoots video, tape it to your dashboard on your car and drive around your city, or the most popular city closest to you. If you can include some popular places that many people have heard of, or statues and things like that, that are popular in your city, even better.
If not, it doesn't matter.

Speed up your video, and post it here. Or, post your video and someone else can speed up your video.

If anyone cares to do this, i'm thinking then that somebody can write a little something about how hitRECord is moving across the globe.

Maybe it can include pieces from REGULARJoe's REGULARITY audio clip that he posted on the last version of the site, where he spoke really fast and reminded me of an announcer at a horse race. You know the one i'm talking about?

But those are just two ideas, the driving around the world montage can be played under anything.

ARA's "i'm not here, i'm here in the Philippines" part of her roll call is what sparked an interest in doing this.

Can anyone else see this coming together in their head?

I Have this Idea

Created: Jan 31, 2010


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