the one about emotions.

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I wonder if people were born with the capability to experience emotions like this. If when we were growing inside our mothers’ wombs, growing along inside us were the abilities to feel jealousy, to crack under pressure, to have your heart broken.

I wonder if it’s hard-wired into our genes, to fall under the weight of the world. Or to fall in love. Or were the emotions we experienced as children just primitive versions of what we can feel now? Was there a sort of evolution of emotion, raging inside us along with those hormones?

Maybe we simply learned from the obstinate world of human emotions. These feelings just one night crept into our bedrooms and entered our hearts, and now they’re responsible for every inch of hurt we feel, for every drop of embarrassment and defeat, for every giddy moment. They’re suddenly now raging inside us, causing us to tip over every time a story in your life begins with “Boy meets girl…”.

That flip in your stomach, that skip in your heartbeat, that catch in your breath–were they there all along while we were crying for milk, or waking up our parents in the middle of the night? While our bones fused, were the emotions already there, ready to break us?

Did our hearts develop inside us knowing that it would take the cruelest pounding, that it would perhaps be stolen, that it would perhaps, at some point, have to live the rest of its life not being completely fixed?

Created: Jan 31, 2010


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