Giver - Chapter 1

By GiN825

There are moments in your life that stand out amongst others. The day you learned how to ride a bike on two wheels and maybe even the first days at school each end of the summer. And as you got older your first date and the first day on a new job. These are all normal examples. For healthy and normal human beings. But for me those examples don’t fit. I didn’t grow up in a normal family. I didn’t have a mother or father to teach me how to ride a bike. And I certainly never attended school. I have yet to go on a date and well I’ve always had one job. I’ve had the same job for my entire life in fact. You see I am gift giver. I can hear the thoughts of the entire human population and so I know who needs what and then I give it to them.

I know what you’re thinking. Why haven’t I gotten rid of world hunger? Why haven’t I ended wars? And I agree with you on that. I wish I could help. But I’m afraid I just can’t. There are rules for my job just like there are for everyone else. We gift givers only help the less pure of souls. And again I know what you’re thinking. That’s a down right out rage! And it is, I completely agree with you again! But all those people, they’re more pure of soul. Their life forms have a much brighter and healthy light. Our duty as gift givers is to show whomever we help the importance of their lives. Give them reasons to contribute more good in the world.

It sounds great, I know, I wish I had someone popping up and showing me awesome things. It’s the luck of the draw I guess. But back to what I was saying earlier. There are moments in your life that stand out. For gift givers there’s usually only one. And this is the story of mine. It was my first official day of gift giving. I remember stepping out onto a crowded street somewhere in the United States. It was my first time on Earth actually so I was especially excited to get started. I had been given my charge number upon entering the street and was told where to start and so I walked. I blended in as well I could within the crowd of people, bustling about the city, weaving in and out of stores and little shops, I even bought a hot dog from a vendor. That was when I saw my charge for the first time. She was a beautiful young woman with long, strawberry blond curls. Her green eyes sparkled in the sunlight as she stepped out of the fancy limousine that had parked in front of the hot dog vendor. She smiled enthusiastically as she made her way to the vendor and I could do nothing but stare, mouth wide as she approached.

“I’d like one with chili and onions please.” She said in a voice so crisp and clear. I was in such a trance like state that I nearly slopped all my hot dog toppings down my shirt.

For those of you that are wondering how on earth did I know she was my charge, it’s a simple answer. Gift givers are made with a sort of radar built into us. We just know who we’re looking for. But mostly it was her thoughts. They stood out from the loud buzzing of everyone else's like a concert in a sea of people. They were so loud and so hurtful. In fact I was so shocked by her thoughts in comparison to her beauty that I nearly questioned myself. How could such perfection be so horrible?

She was a very cruel person and it saddened me to think it. She was incredibly rich and spoiled rotten by a father that ran a very successful business on the other side of town. She got everything she ever cried for and a lot more. She had the richest of rich friends because of the expensive private school she attended in town. This school housed the children of clothing and fashion masters, political agents, lawyers, movie stars, you name the profession, their children attended. They were all stuck up and snobby and just nasty little kids. And she was just like them, and my first task.

I followed her to her school dorms. I followed her thoughts actually, now that I could decipher hers from everyone else’s. The next few situations were the toughest parts of my task. I remember walking slowly up the stairs to her dorm and being so nervous as I approached her. See before we help our charges we present them with a test to see if they’re right for our abilities. When I reached the last step I took a deep breath to steady myself, then I turned right and headed down the hallway. As I neared her door I slowed down, this was it. It was the moment of truth and I’d hoped against hope that she wasn’t to be my charge. Her life was about to be turned upside down in only a few minutes and I remember wishing that she’d end up doing the right thing when she answered the door. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and knocked.

There was no answer but I heard the volume of her music lower so I knocked again to make sure she heard me. There were a few footsteps then a crack in the door. I took another deep breath and smiled at her.

“Hi there! I’m from the local floral shop down the street and this week we’re-“

“I’m not interested in buying flowers thank you.” She interrupted me and was about to close the door before I spoke up again.

“But it’s for a fund raiser. We’re trying to get enough money together to help the starving children overseas.” I finally got out as I offered her a single red carnation. It drooped dramatically in front of us and she snorted.

“Like I said kid, I’m not interested in buying anything. Especially not a stupid dead flower.” I bowed my head in sadness as she slammed the door in face. I heard her walk over to her radio and turn her music back up to its loud volume. I sighed in defeat and shook my head. I didn’t understand why it hurt so much to have to do the job I was made to do. I was so excited at the start of my day but now I was just so depressed. No, wrong word, I was disappointed. So with yet another deep breath I reached up and knocked on her door again, this time with much more power. As I transformed myself back into my normal shape I heard her music go down again and pounding footsteps to the door.

“Look I told you kid, I-“ The entire hallway flooded with light as she opened the door again to greet me. But time stood still as I looked at her for the third time today. I felt the power of my gift begin to surge through me as everything but us began to blur until suddenly it was no longer around us and we transported through time and space to her new destination.

Giver - Chapter 1

Created: Jan 31, 2010


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