Am I Pretty

By jazzidarlyn

Girl-Would you consider me Cute Pretty Sexy or Beautiful
Guy- Haha, why are you asking me this?
Girl- Look. (Shows Magazine)
Guy- I would say Cute
Girl- Cute! do you really think thats what girls want to be called?Ok,its sweet,whatever. But come on,I'd much prefer something like Beautiful or Sexy,you know? A fucking puppy can be cute.
Guy- Yea,but you're not a puppy. Your cute ,like personality wise. That's a good thing.
Girl- So you think I'm ugly? ! You call me cute,and then you verify that NO not my looks,but my PERSONALITY is cute. Ok thank you. Thank you so much. I'm so flattered. No .no really.---
Guy----- Gawd,thats why I didn't wanna say anything.
Girl- ---I just wanted to KNOW what you think of me. Like ,do you find me attractive? ,..I dunno..I just...I would rather you call me -don't laugh-I would rather you call me like ,Beautiful or something quite similar to that like,I dunno,Gorgeous?Appealing?Alluring?But ...cute?!I'm not twelve..the days when being called cute were beneficial to me are over.
Guy-. you really think about this shit ALL the time, don't you.?
Girl-Fyi-NO,I don't. I just get annoyed when ass wipes like yourself find it amusing to call me cute when I'm obviously SO much more than that.(said with a serious face,but can't hold in how silly she finds this conversation)
They both start laughing

The end,for now = )

Am I Pretty

Created: Jan 31, 2010


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