HELP! Are there threads to weave, in here?

By AngelaOrr

Okay. I'll admit it. I've been lurking for a long time...didn't even sign on until late last year. Left one (count 'em: 1) comment, way back then. And I didn't try to sign on again until after you converted the site and I'm SO LOST!

I have an account, still, and I've figured out how to add a text record. (My very first text record! Nerve-wracking, scariliferous, gut-wrenching... Letting go of a beloved thing is HARD.) What I can't figure out is how to leave remarks or join a thread (are there even any threads left, in this place???) and I'm feeling very small.

I'm still at Sundance. I have lots of vids from my visit to upload. (Joe, you said you needed footage with heads in the way, right?) At this point, though, I need to be sure I'm doing this right before I add any more. I have loads of questions. Isn't there a FAQ page?

Where's that glorious, rainbow sea anemone when I need some of your TeaFaerie happiness so far from home? Or Thom, with your bulbous hat, red ball, and wonderful ability to share your toys? Or Tori from Newcastle--last stop on the speedy train from London to "Embra", Waverly Station--who's company was so enjoyable, Jared had to chase me out of the REC room so you could get back to work? Or Dan, with your boundless, friendly energy and non-stop verbosity? Or Joe, so intent on sharing the limelight with everyone who wants it that you've taken the whole "celebrity" thing down a peg or ten (thank goodness) and created a way for me to share my own gifts in a new and exciting way?

Or you, hitRECorder who I have yet to meet? Please wave a sign in my face!

--Angela Orr (the blogger who thinks you're all just the dragonfly's wings)

HELP! Are there threads to weave, in here?

Created: Jan 31, 2010


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