The Sundance feeling

By CrashAndBurn

Ten thousand miles apart - yet all together in one place
connected, not only through the world wide web
but through our love for art.
Anticipation rising, hearts racing, faces pinkifying and
see-globes leaking tears of pride, whilst softly humming along to "Nebullulaby".
Butterflies rummaging through our stomaches
and ♥s flittering across the screens of every hitRECorder at home.
Hundrets of RECords, endless hours of work, little to no sleep
yet passionately working, letting creativity take over, "making inspiration".
Joyous and overwhelmed, sharing this magical moment with amazingly talented people,
hundreds of hearts beating in unison.
For one night the Sundance feeling had taken over our minds completely
leaving us convinced that -THIS- is just the beginning...

The Sundance feeling

Created: Jan 30, 2010


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