Sundance LOVE


I can't possibly articulate the extreme euphoria I am feeling at the moment, and I want to keep this short, sweet and to the point. So I just wanted to say...

Dan, I love you
RegularJoe, I love you
JeffPeff, I love you
CatSolen, I love you
Marke, I love you
Tori, I love you
Phenotek, I love you
Nathan, I love you
JaredGeller, I love you
TeaFaerie, I love you
Dr Gory, I love you
Lula, I love you

To anyone at the REC Room I missed, I FRIGGIN' LOVE YOU!!!

Thank you for all your hard work!!! Please, get drunk tonight, celebrate and sing Nebulullaby out of key, at the top of your lungs, whilst running up and down mainstreet dressed as your respective planets!

TO EVERYONE ON hitRECord, I LOVE YOU ALL! Never had such an overwhelming sense of pride in my life. There were many a drippy salty see-globe in the live feed chat tonight!

HitRECord. org is magical, that's the only truth I know. Magical.

Sundance LOVE

Created: Jan 30, 2010


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