the fauxbeams' dance

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Whisper, lisper, while and riddle!
Which is what and who's the middle?
Every one goes bobbing, weaving
Into-out and coming-leaving

Cast by lamp and thrown by candle
Mad behavior prone to scandal!
Watch the shadows writhe and wriggle
Shifting shape with silent giggle

Scattering like gauzy bugsies
Out of corners, over rugsies
Amorphous yet stuck like glueing
Made by you, but you, askewing

Where e'er lights shine, see them tumble
Gath'ring in an umbra jumble
Never solid, never solo
Twixt-between the raying cross-glow

That's the netherworld begotten
Nightly seen but oft forgotten
'Cept in haunted fever-dreaming:
Whence our shadows go fauxbeaming!


(greatly inspired by Flockofwords description of the fauxbeams, and all the delightful rhyming that goes on here.) <3

the fauxbeams' dance

Created: May 26, 2011

Tags: shadow, poem, rhyme, netherworld, jumble, fauxbeams, beings, limerick, dance

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