A Toast to the Sundance REC Room Army


10 days and counting, Sundance was met, with hope,tenacity and with heart,
9 days and counting, with swelling pride, announced G-tech would help us get our start,
8 days and counting, Roll Call was taken and us hitRECorders did our part...

7 days and counting, Nebulullaby touched down and the magic of Sean Lennon inspired us most
6 days and counting, the DocUmentary took shape with Sundance experiences from coast to coast...

5 days and counting, Prop 8 found a voice in the TeaFaeries call for animation
4 days and counting, Cat sent us to bed, images for Nebulullaby's universal domination...

3 days and counting, musicians are summoned for intergalactic planetary sounds
3 days and counting, the Sundance legendary, Mr. Robert Redford abounds...

2 days and counting, remixing and cutting with heavy eyes, no sleep in sight tonight
1 day and counting, it almost here, hitREcord will showcase their creative might

Mere hours from now, the lights will dim, whilst our collaborations premier
You'll be there, while we'll be here

Scattered across the globe but together in heart from the start,
A hitRECord family,
Again, By Heart.

**To the entire team thats been working tirelessly in the REC Room during Sundance, prepping BEFORE Sundance, conceptualizing ALL OF THIS. I thank you, as I'm sure the rest of the community does as well, from the bottom of my starving artist heart, for everything you are making possible. For your skipped meals, for your nights without sleep, for your direction, for your encouragement, for your ideas, for your creativity, for your feedback and most of all for your hugely warm, open and talented creative hearts. So many of us can't be at Sundance with you physically but we are all there in spirit and are rooting you (well us) on during this screening! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

A Toast to the Sundance REC Room Army

Created: Jan 29, 2010


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