At the Vista (Low-Res)

By MattConley

This is the low-res version of "At the Vista." The high-res version (for downloading and REmixing) can be found here:

A HUGE THANKS to all the hitRCorders who filmed the events and provided all the footage. I think everyone's getting the hang of the live show recording!

Also, another HUGE THANKS to audio engineer extraordinaire jeffpeff. His audio tracks came in handy big time with this video.


At the Vista (Low-Res)

Created: May 23, 2011

Tags: burning dan, city, projection, 10, singing, outside, internet, high def, 10:00, high definition, cashiers, introduction, playing, upload, venue, hitrecord at the movies, 8, regular joe, selling, front row, performance, light, evening, cat, written, agent, marke johnson, hitrecord logo, jared geller, hesher, morgan m. morgansen, night, producer, tiny story, chorus, cat solen, chig, cement, marke, writing, marquee, reading, hesher was here, narration, projector, guitar, movies, the end, money, jared, live, popcorn, popping, hd, catsolen, shows, warren, candy, dancing, audience, lights, mmm, musicians, view, spencer susser, et, sxsw, regularjoe, cash, los angeles, arcade, smiles, date with destiny, chant, aisle, the garden, long line, lexy hulme, titles, show, 8:00, hitrecorders, lula, narrator, screen, e.t., glare, intro, theatre, choir, vista, managers, richie, theater, sales, merchandise, flash, morgan, seats, tickets, laughing, concessions, merch, crowd, marker, tiny book of tiny stories, the spring collection, computers, cameras, hugs, sound, rows, table, pen, the diver, i buried my things, jgl, triple M, opening

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