Nighthawks Diner

By sarahalyse

ManWithHat and I have talked a lot about opening a diner. Our grandfather owned a deli in downtown Seattle before we were born, and made damn near everything from scratch. We've always wanted to follow in his footsteps, but to suit our lifestyle: an all-night diner instead of a deli.

One night, at a real 24-hour diner in Seattle (The Hurricane Cafe), we started talking about our theoretical diner. We decided it should be full of pop culture references, just like our lives. We started writing down a possible menu, which I've transcribed below. We'll probably never actually open a diner, but we'd like to imagine what would happen if we did. We'd like to start a collaborative universe, but check out the collaboration for more on that; for now, here's the menu.

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 364 days a year (closed on Emperor Norton the First's birthday, of course)

The Tom Waits (or "Nocturnal Emission"): Eggs and sausage, side of toast, hash browns over easy, chili in a bowl
Eggiwegg Omelet: with a Korova moloko (for those over 21)
Hollandaise in the Sun: Eggs Benedict
Hollandaise in Cambodia: Vegan Eggs Benedict
Jumpin' Flap Jacks: with a side of eggiweggs
Kick Out the Jam: toast with your choice of jam

For Unlawful Chocolate Knowledge: A brownie spread with Nutella, topped by a chocolate cupcake frosted with chocolate ganache, chocolate shavings and chocolate sauce, with a chocolate kiss on top
The Young American: Apple pie ala mode
Mango Reinhardt: Mango sticky rice
Mango Reinhardt at the Cool Club de France: Mango sorbet
Gogol Bor-Jello: Ask your server for the flavor of the day
Let It Bleed: Red velvet cake
Poprocks and Coke: Management not responsible for exploding customers

The KKK Took My Babyback Ribs Away
It's Already Been Brat
Dial "M" For Meatloaf
Knights In White Seitan
The Jump Down Turn Around: A block of tofu
The Nina: A pig's foot and a bottle of beer (not really, ew)

Peggy Lee: black coffee
Punch Brothers Punch
Korova moloko: Milk and Kahlua
The Tug: Milk and vodka

Godspeed You! Black Bean Patties
Let It Bean Salad
Soup John B: Corn chowder
Sticky (Chicken) Fingers
Glass Onion Rings

Nighthawks Diner

Created: Jan 29, 2010

Tags: diner, fiction, menu, food

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