HESHER vs Ravens MashUp

By venns

well this kinda got out of hand... kinda

started this morning with a simple dubstep riddim (bassline and drumbeat) and thought: "this is kinda empty. get some metaphorest in this bitch!" remembered raven and started setting up the riddim to fit ravens. had to stop. tonight heard gwen's "fuck hitrecord" and then the hesher collab. sampled about everything i could use for this bit from the intro video and came up with several drum and bass beats. then the mix got ful very quickly. "me thinkst i need a challenge" - the challenge then was to use only a minimalistic amount of samples / instruments. all drumbeats are from the same samples. all basslines are from the same synth. the final bassline is based on the sample "how the fuck did i end up in this hitrecord video" - same cadence.

90% through and the main arrangement in place i started playing with ravens again. inserted a few references to keep the mix flowing and to make it entertaining but not too cluttered.

finally a few minutes ago gwen hit record again and MADE! me use her hitrecord harmonies :D


ps: overall time spent: 5 hours. a little over the usual limit but it was worth it.

HESHER vs Ravens MashUp

Created: May 11, 2011

Tags: dubstep, music, riddim, venns, 2011, hesher, hesherrecord, albert, harmonies, hesher intro, track, ravens, regularjoe, metaphorest, viktor enns, rmx, hesher collab, drum and bass, remix, mashup, song, hitrecord

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