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I once dreamed of becoming a professional skateboarder. I was 14.
It started with video games. Tony Hawk Pro Skater. I got pretty good. So good in fact, that my reality was skewed at the thought of professionals actually performing the tricks I was making them do in the game. 360 backflip to boardslide? I think not.

Gaming turned to obsession. I needed a skateboard. Now.
And it better have a fucking cool graphic on the bottom of it. Just like the pros.

Oh yeah, and the most expensive "trucks" a boy could buy. That will make me better for sure. Money was not an issue to me.

Although technically it was, because I didn't have a job. I was 14.
Cutting Aunt Shelly's grass for 20 bucks was not a job.

I didn't care. I saved up for months, and bought my skateboard.
From Wal-Mart. Whatevs. I felt it did the trick at the time.

Although technically it didn't do the trick, because it turned out I wasn't talented at skateboarding. I learned the hard way.

I was skateboarding in front of my house on a stretch of concrete just shortly after playing Tony Hawk.
Just finished getting 300,000 points with Bob Burnquist. So. Psyched.

3 minutes later. Crying. Broken Elbow. Broken Dreams. Humiliation.

I no longer play video games.

Created: Jan 28, 2010

Tags: dreams skateboard pain

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