Burn in Hell

By jasward

Walking down the road of sin is never a fun night stroll for me, the street was infamous for it's whorehouses, illegal gambling rooms and seedy bars. A dame approached me offering me a night of pleasure for 50 bucks, odds are I'd have gotten the bad end of that deal. I wouldn't be walking down this street this night if I didn't have one purpose on my mind "find max" the guy was the big boss around these parts and responsible for most of the ass on this street, god knows how many young boys and girls have gotten their lives fucked up thanks to max, all I know is that I can't let him go on like this, he's ruining too many peoples lives, selling the politicians cunt on one hand and then threatening to sell photos of them fucking those cunts if they won't pay him highly. Max led an almost bullet proof operation, nobody could crack down on him because he ran his ship just too damn tight, and even if anyone did get wise he held enough shit on anyone with power that most he get would be a night in jail and maybe a slap on the wrist. Unfortunately for him I wasn't gonna let him get away with his sins, not this time, not after what he did. I reached the club that max ran his operation from, it looked like your typical nightclub from the outside but it was just a front, probably about 20 perps carrying pieces and that's if i'm lucky, good thing I came loaded. The huge black guy in the front said something about it being closed I said I was looking for max, he said no visitors I flashed a 50 he complied but insisted on searching me first, oh well so much for trying to be nice, I struck hard and fast like I'd been trained to do right at his juggler, he fell without making a sound, that was easy, too easy. I laid him down on the ground it was night and nobody would even double take on a street like this. I entered the door, might as well get ready for the inevitable I pulled two uzzis out of my coat, god bless the israelies, these did cost me a pretty penny but they where completely untraceable, as I enter I check the place out just as I've been taught to, only exit was back through the door, it was either me or max who'd be walking alive out through that door, and I always bet on myself. I walked through the empty club and got to the back door, I paused a monent before I entered I could hear laughing, this was it. The door went down with a bang and for a minute the room of about 6 people were stunned as they started to reach for their guns, I began picking them off with my Uzis, my aim was perfect, when I finished they where all dead and the room was a lovely shade of red, 20 bullets from each of the guns, not bad. Immediatly I heard movement and shouting in the next room and then the door popped open and the head of a young man peaked in, only to be met with one of my bullets, he fell fast, I ran quickly toward the door and did a flying kick into it sending it and myself hurtling into the next room, guns went off like the 4th of July, I let rip with my own little babies, spinning around while shooting , took out the ten men faster than I would have imagined, I stood up straight and then felt it, felt the blood not the pain that hadn't soaked in yet, I looked down, there was a gaping hole in my abdomen and a smaller one in my shoulder, no worries got to finished what I started, there was only one last room, I placed my two Uzis into two of the mens hands I had just murdered, and pulled my legally owned colt, I stepped calmy into the office not expecting the bang and bullet which came hurtling into my chest, I took aim and put two into the cocksuckers head before he could fall, Max was cowering in a corner, what a cunt! I pointed the gun at him and then realized I at least owed him an explanaition, "Remember that teenage girl melanie who was dating one of your men and who you took and turned into a whore, well she died last night of a heroin overdose, left a note said she was too ashamed to live after turning tricks for you like a whore, said the one thing she would want as a death wish is to see you burning in hell. Well too bad for you I'm her father and loved her more than anything in the world." I took aim and shot him right in the crotch, "See instant death is too good for you!" I said as I saw him writhering and screaming in pain. This felt good, like revenge. Not such a big hotshot now huh motherfucker. I sneer in his face. He begs for his life I put another two caps in either knee, now he begs for death. I grant him it, a small piece of lead rips through his head. I start heading for the door now the pain all of a sudden is very real and very painfill I pull the walkie talkie out of my coat "This is special detective Hilsow, requesting backup immediately at 210 gamba st and an ambulance, multple body count and an injured officer." I walked outside and slumped down on the sidewalk, I would tell them I heard gunshots as I was walking down the street, had gone in to help, got fired upon and shot the two last men alive before they could kill me. I smiled to myself thinking of all the boys and girls who i had just saved tonight, and I knew I had done the right thing. Fuck it I done the only thing that would make melanie proud, and she was the only one who mattered, what was there left to live for now. As I hear the police sirens in the distance I see a newspaper on the floor next to me, headlines says a business man accused of raping and killing a 13 year old girl gets off free after a technical screw up made by the police. "Shit" I thought there might just be something worth hanging around here for, I lowered the gun from my head and smiled, with this prick I'm not gonna be so nice!!!

Burn in Hell

Created: Jan 28, 2010


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Burn in Hell
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