By saraazadi

Tequila induced dreams soak and massage my brain into a fury of image-laden tremors
Jerking me in and out of sleep
Gasping for air, then ground, then life
My body has become a cemetery of sea creatures
Salt stained lips carry little chunks of palpitated lime
As purple and blue urchins makes their way across my belly

Palms lay out stretched towards the sky
Slowly pulsating with the reminding prick of a cactus spine
My back lies in the sand burning gradually and painlessly
A hummingbird flutters above
Sees her reflection in my eyes and she is gone

I am jolted yet grounded
Eyes wide open
Mouth gasping for air
A storm of butterflies stream explosively from my ears in a flurry of a thousand whispers
Their wings tickle my brain and laughter echoes in my head

My mouth is stained of agave
My tongue burns of sensation
My throat collapses then swells
With the yearning for this perilous nectar

I wish to move but I am paralyzed
A small serpent wraps itself around my ankle
Warning me to let the plant be
The rattling of her anger stings my ear yet plays with my heart
Sporadically infusing life into my limbs

I am set free and into dream
Tangled into a fluid of rapture and peace
I am washed into an intoxication of thought and imagery of burning sensations
My body is its canal
Laden with salt and lime
My heart slowly wallops while my soul is quickly set free


Created: Jan 28, 2010


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