By buckdiddy

Short story I wrote about five years back. By short I mean short.

Boredom and paranoia fills my rocky road through life. Always, I wonder, did Einstein have problems or did Shakespeare have his dirty little secrets? It says Jesus was neither bored nor paranoid but he was the fleshy version of God and I can understand that. What I don't understand is why don't we know about other past celebrities? Do we not care? Exactly, we couldn't care less, because we are too worried about the future.

The future and the past are just alike. Both written about in detail, but yet we know so little. There were influential occurrences in the past that I'm sure people forgot, so we will never know those historic events simply because of a human defect. As for the future, it's still the same; detailed to a T but no indication of historic events. Just like that event in the past, the future will be filled with these moments. But the present is so much far different.

The present, you see, is much more beautiful than either of the two that surround it. It is always remembered as your greatest times, but when it becomes the past it becomes all too surreal. The future and present are so much different that it's staggering. Some people say they are alike but they are not. The present, unlike the future, can give the range of emotions we are given. If we were always about the future everyone would be upbeat and happy. But we all know, not everyone is happy.

The past is for remembering and forgetting. The future is for forgetting and remembering. But the present, ah yes, the present is for the human emotions and reactions." says the wise old before I cock back my revolver and make him forget the past, remember his future, and let his emotions run free in the present.


Created: Jan 28, 2010


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