RE: Sudance DocUmentary - Phase 2 - ALMOST THERE!

By Joe

Not only did she paint her walls a magnificent shade of blue, VickieVee has been doing some great work on our Doc. And, in proper hitRECord fashion, rather than waiting to present the 100% finished product, she's been releasing her iterations. I was writing a remark about her latest and greatest, and thought it might be useful for anybody who wants to work on this collaboration.

Phase 2 is looking great! You've got a lot of the ideas in there that need to be in there. And you've put it together in a cool watchable way. Here's some ideas for Phase 3...

First of all, I think the music should be something different. JeffPeff has since put out a new version of that song. Or you could use something else entirely. Although probably, it should be a bunch of different pieces. One thing I'd RECquest is, when you release Phase 3, release a version of it that has NO music. That way others can add whatever music they think might work.

I put up a (9-minute-long oy!) remark RE: Sundance DocUmentary talking about how Sundance is the first time that the new hitRECord is getting to do what it was built to do. Why Sundance is an appropriate place for us to begin this new phase of our collective project. Dan told me that bit starts arouind 5:08.

MattConley just released a remarkable RECord called Robert Redford hits RECord, I think that was the title. That should definitely be in there.

Now, I think the biggest thing this is missing is the opinions of lots of hitRECorders. I really like how you cut together visuals of the community, but I'd also like to hear their thoughts.

I'm also about to go take a walk down Main Street here in Park City and shoot some more stuff about Sundance/hitRECord 2010. So I'll be getting that footage up later today.

thanks again...

RE: Sudance DocUmentary - Phase 2 - ALMOST THERE!

Created: Jan 27, 2010


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