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Hi, my name is Dee. I am for the moment going through a non-musical phase in my life. So, instead of playing an instrument I have been taking notes of the band's trips, rehearsals and day-to-day activities, documenting everything-okay, almost everything, in my notebook. So I guess my title would be The Scribbler. I do this so when we're on the top of our career, I'll publish a book of our fantastic misadventures that hopefully will help our fans get through our retirement. I can also tell bad jokes to brighten up the mood and knit scarves for my family. What else...oh, yeah, I can cook, usually spaghetti... easiest food you can make on the road! (besides Mushr loves slurping them). And, if ever needed, I am the spanish-english translator. I used to carry a map in my bag, but then Richie said it was outdated and that I should get another one, so he threw it away. Which turned me into the former map-carrier because I am yet to find a new one. I am also a good narrator, and I read bed time stories for the guys when they ask me to, even if it's not bed time. Um... let's see... what else...oh, I have an imaginary cat named Iegor. Amber claims to be allergic to him but Sarah said I can keep him anyway. Um... oh, well, my memory is probably the most remarkable thing about me. It goes way back when I still hadn't learned to write so I had to tell stories with stick figures. Sometimes the guys had a hard time trying to understand them, but eventually they just dealed with it. And... that's it! That's all I can come up with about what I do when I'm with this group of crazy people... I mean, they don't call us The Royal Tenenbaums In A Four-door Sedan for nothing! So, that'll be all for now, I'll have more stories when we hit the road.

Created: Jan 27, 2010


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