By RedrustedHat

When we're young we say we want to be older

When we're older we say we want to be younger

Always in a rush

Either time is moving too slow or too fast

The time at work is moving too slow, yet the years go by too quick

Rushing to who we want to be

To be a "success"

I don't think we appreciate who we are now and the journey to be that "success" enough

Always thinking when we finally made it to the top of that hill, the one we've been climbing, the one we've heard the view on top is so beautiful, we reach the peak and we will finally be satisfied

The truth is the hill is cliff less and there is no peak, there are drops and wrong paths, but it never stops going higher. The minute you get satisfied is when you stay in one place.

I say never be satisfied with who you are but stay happy and humble.


I wrote this really quick today before I have to head into work, I just haven't hit that red button in awhile so I felt I had too =]


Created: Apr 16, 2011


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