REmix Theatre (Pilot Episode)

By MattConley

The "REmix Theatre" collaboration began on January 18, 2011 and, after nearly three months of hard work by the contributing community, the 'Pilot Episode' is officially on the air.

I had no idea if making a quasi late night television show was even going to be possible. But I figured it was worth a try.

As outlandish a concept as it was at times, the community was remarkably supportive and immensely helpful in contributing the essential pieces to the project. And I wanted us to aim high, making the show as close to real television as possible: commercials, credits, bumpers, and network IDs had to be created just for this.

With the pilot in the can, my hope now is that this Pilot Episode will help inspire future installments. The idea behind "REmix Theatre" was always to establish some kind of structure and then have other hitRECorders pick and choose which parts they would like to carry over into new episodes. And with new episodes would come new Featured RECords, new fictional host characters, and new formats.


I did my best to cite every REsource involved with the project but I did want to highlight a few key contributors to this production, without whom none of this end product would have been possible:

* thesherbethead: I'm forever indebted to this creaive spirit. His theme music contribution really kickstarted the whole thing when it was in a lull and helped me figure out the direction it truly needed to go in. And Vincent McSuperfly is a character I really enjoy. Did you know that #McSuperfly has been trending since 1976? I thought it was since '77, but wikipedia was incorrect.

* Melanne: Heavily involved from the get-go, Melanne's ideas and passion motivated me day in and day out to keep going and stick with it.

* themetafictionist: Every single RECord on the site has the ability to inspire. When themetafictionist uploaded "How To Wear Your hitRECord Button" I remember thinking for a while what her RECord reminded me of. Then it came to me. It was like an infomercial from the '50s. I had already REmixed a Public Domain ad for "Free TV" and I had decided that was to be the lone commercial for the show. But then I decided to work on the "Retro RECord Store Ad" collaboration and that was one of the most fun things I've worked on (plus I think it adds a nice light-hearted touch to the show.)

* Dolphin170: There were so many excellent logos uploaded to the initial "REmix Theatre" collaboration, but Dolphin170's "Hitrecord Network Logo" was the one that I found myself really connecting with. Her logo was so uniquely retro and simple, and it hit on all the points I was looking for. That one design became so integral in the crucial "Network IDs" that bookend the episode.


The following Public Domain clips were used:

* "Shock Waves" -

* "The House That Dripped Blood" -

* "Madman - trailer" -

* "Ruby - trailer" -

* "Corruption - trailer" -

* "Dracula Has Risen From the Grave - trailer" -

* "The Virgin of Nuremberg - trailer" -

* "Maniac - trailer#1" -

* "The Wicker Man - trailer" -

* "Taste the Blood of Dracula" -

* "Don't Open the Door - trailer" -

* "Horror of Dracula - trailer" -

* "One Dark Night" -

* "Our Feature Presentation HD Clean & Dirty" -

* "Drive-in: Save Free TV" -


REmix Theatre (Pilot Episode)

Created: Apr 16, 2011

Tags: burn, gory, wicked, introduction, resources, face, guts, voice over, remixed, opening sequence, fright, halloween's, bloody, costumes, man, fiction, tombs, ghosts, killer, ghouls, chase, violence, party, mummy, disgusting, grave, 1970's, graves, kill, violent, 8mm, death, suspense, attack, witches, opening titles, gore, tombstone, retro, fall, scared, short film, jaja, narration, demons, nurse, epic, jan, vintage, scratch 16mm, glasses, killing, network,, scary, curdling, frightening, animation, 2011, full length, regularjoe, remix, terror, old fashioned, evil, tv, october 31, fictional, ghost, month, the dark, red, deadly, horror, hell, late night, dead, corpse, cemetery, titles, bleeding, credits, dangerous, shadow, show, the dead, 70s, halloween, murder, public domain, collab, terrifying, agony, door, television, blood, narrator, punch, theater, 2010, three am, dress up, monsters, screams, intro, witch, vincent mcsuperfly, programme, costume, screaming, freaks, october, zombies, hosted by, bedroom, program, cemetary, scream, 3 am, feature, graveyard

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