Nebulullaby...So Far...

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Here's where we're at with Sean Ono Lennon's "Nebulullaby" as of Tuesday night. Let this be a continued call to all hitRECorders to hit that RECord button and send along any musical parts you're inclined to. If you listen intently, you'll note the spots where we're looking for parts to add to each planet/verse's character.

Mind you, we're still in process...Things will change a bit from what you hear here and will be added-to, based on what brilliance comes down the interpike from our talented community. Let's have it! Thanks to all for your contributions so far : )

And now, ATTENTION MUSICIANS WHO WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO THIS COLLABORATION: Some notes from Cat Solen, co-director (with Regular Joe) of the short film this music will drive. They describe the personalities and circumstances of the individual planets as portrayed in the film. They're meant to inspire your musical ideas. We're treating this recording as part traditional song, part film score. So ultimately, we want each verse/planet to have a unique musical stamp, while still keeping things cohesive. I'll chime in with my own musical interpretations here and there below.

Mercury: He's skittish, flighty. Paranoid, freaked-out. He's wild. But he comes in at the beginning of the song, so we could call this a 'controlled freakout'.

Venus: She is very "Old Hollywood". Graceful, but shallow and narcissistic.

Mars: He's a little crazy. Aggressive. Holst put big drums behind him in his composition "The Planets". Hmmm...

Jupiter: He's a worried insomniac. He's a guy with a lot of secrets. He's trying to hide his fears. He's the most static, slow, and still of the characters.

Saturn: She's like a child lost in some kind of wonderland that she can't quite understand. She can't really control her grief, sadness, and depression, but she's resigned to it…She's just kind of bored and numb.

Uranus: He's a guy who maybe took some wrong potion or drug that has resulted in what is either a night terror or some kind of hallucination. He's a little on the nervous side.

Pluto: Is really sad and alone. He's innocent. This would be a good place for long, sweeping sounds.

Created: Jan 27, 2010


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