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By Pepper

Shot List (in order, by content)


Shot 1 (Dax Schaffer - Done, I think)
KID is searching youtube, frustrated.
(Close-up shot of computer screen, Google search yielding no results is visible on the screen)

Shot 2
NARRATOR: What's the matter, kid? Can't get your video game to load?
(Reverse shot looking over kid’s shoulder at monitor. NARRATOR appears on the computer screen, in the browser window)

Shot 2.3
KID: Screw you, freaky computer spirit!
(Profile view of Kid looking at monitor.)

Shot 2.5
There's a trial going on RIGHT NOW to decide whether my moms can get married or not, and I can't find video of it anywhere!
(Cut to: over the shoulder shot looking at monitor. Kid closes window with Narrator in it and opens a new search
window and starts typing in new search terms that still don’t yield what he wants.)

I'm not tackling any more of the intro shots until I find out what's going on with the other animator who started on the other ones. -Dax

NARRATOR: Well, that's because the State of California doesn't want people to see video clips that make them look like the bad guys in a Civil Rights case.
(TRANSITION: Finally his search yields an image of the courthouse exterior. Camera zooms into image of courthouse until it fills the screen)

(Need to hear from Evenflow, whoever that is -Dax)

Shot 15

Audo from the trial coming soon (From Utah Peeps). Will be approx 5 seconds -Pepper

(Cut to: Close-up of kid's computer screen from shot 1 with the characters as a still frame.

Can go back and animate them later if time permits. - Pepper

Ask Pepper before you do this - will be a computer on Youtube, not a TV - TEA

We're cutting this to one 5 second clip. Gay dad testifies, bad lawyer questions, judge watches - TEA. We can make it so lawyer and judge don't talk.


Shot 3 (~Evan Koehne - In Progress)

KID: But the Judge said they could totally tape it and put up on youtube... what went wrong?
(NARRATOR now shows up in front of the courthouse, gesturing at it behind him. Courthouse waves its flag "hello!". Courthouse pushes back in frame)

(verse tune)

Well the Court in California was deciding if we all should be free
to marry who we want to and they planned to put the trial on TV

(Narrator exits screen right as TV drops from the sky)

but the state put up a big old fight didn't want for us to watch em blocking civil rights
and the judged asked the people for advice on the way it should be
(Black silhouetted HORDE of evil politicians runs in, Monty Python style, and boots the TV off screen right, TV bounces and rolls)

Shot 10 (Marco Salsiccia)

Two days before the trial, the Supreme Court intervened
The State said "this is an emergency - our intolerance must not be seen"

(CUT to: EXT Courthouse. Horde runs in through Courthouse doors, waving hands in anger)
So the Supreme Court voted five to four

(Courthouse shakes and bounces, like someone gettin’ busy in a van)
To pull the plug and shut the door

(Horde runs out carrying a giant film camera and tripod over their heads. Exits stage left)
And the wheels kept spinning on the business-as-usual machine.

(from Stage left the Horde re-enters riding the Business As Usual Machine, which is a large flatbed type vehicle
with two giant COGS in the back that spin, Horde stands in front of Cogs on back of BAU Machine.)


Shot 4 (Dax - Done)

You can't turn the lights off now, the world is much too small

(CUT to: America shaped light bulb with a pull-chain, horde runs in and pulls the chain to turn it off)

Shot 6

corruption thrives on secrecy, transparency is good for you and me and we really want to see the truth set free for all.

(CUT to: Watering can with the word “SECRECY” on it is watering the HORDE, which grows bigger and meaner)

Shot 12

NARRATOR: That's right! It's not fair! (line cut) Fortunately information is very slippery stuff these days...

KID: It is?

NARRATOR: You bet! See:

(12a: Cut to: Image of large pink Bar of Soap that says “INFORMATION” on it in bold letters)

TRANSITION: Soap gets smaller and we see it in a shower stall

12b: Cut to Horde in Shower stalls, chasing a pink bar of soap around on the ground they try to catch it but it eludes them.

[Shower stalls are filled with spigots raining “SECRECY” water on the Horde.]

(love the kinda gayness of badguys bumping around in the shower - see if you can make it sorta barely suggestive - TEA)


Shot 3.5 (Rob Hummel DONE)

and the people said (chorus tune)

(animated text)

Shot 5 (Marco Salsiccia DONE, Ready for Review)

When anybody's rights get wronged it's everybody's wake up call

(CUT to: Image of the Bills of Rights with footprints appearing all over it)

Shot 7 (Rob Hummel)

(vamp for voice over) NARRATOR: When the public was asked for comments on whether the trial challenging the constitutionality

of California's gay marriage ban should be broadcast on youtube, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

(CUT to: Image of text headlines and sound bytes floating around over a background of newsprint texture)
(have this be about "prop 8 trial to be broadcast on youtube" "state moves to block" etc - TEA)

Shot 8 (Rob Hummel DONE)

JUDGE WALKER: One hundred and thirty-eight thousand, five hundred and forty-two in favor, thirty two against!

(CUT to: BLACK BG with WHITE text of the numbers appearing as the Judge speaks)

(since we have a judge and judge podium anyway, can he poke his head out of a zero or something? Would love to see whos talking, but understand if we can't. TEA) (This shot is already done - Pepper)

Shot 9 (Rob hummel!! DONE)

KID: Statistically, that's like 100%! So why can't I find any video of the trial?
(The text “100%” fills the screen flashing)

Shot 11 (Marco Salsiccia)

KID: But that's not fair! This trial is going to effect my whole family, and a lot of peoples families. We should have a right to see what's going on!
(Cut to: Image of child crayon drawing of his family with two Mommies. The drawing is then ripped in half.

Shot 16 (Pepper, building giant comp of all drawings) (ANIMATOR NEEDED)

They can't turn the lights off now; the world is much too small

(Image of kid’s drawing being taped back together; Two halves come most of the way back together and bits of tape appear.

Camera pulls back and back and back and back to reveal hundreds of family portraits.)

I call this shot "The infinite refridgerator Door" - Pepper



Shot 13

Soon folks in the courtroom started typing on their phones
Texting out each word they heard and they were not alone

(13a CUT to: Image of a bunch of cell phones whose windows light up one by one.)

(Please find detailed BlackBerry, Motorola and iPhone, and simplified cell phones for BG layering on the Prop 8 collaboration page. - Izzy)

cause the remix culture climbed aboard

and they wrote out a script and then they HitRECord

(13b TRANSITION: Camera pushes into one of the phone screens and

13c: reveals a bunch of people silhouettes. They all have round red buttons on their lapels that are blinking)

(Please find Men and Women Silhouettes on the Prop 8 collaboration page. - Izzy)

(There are also some silhouettes of people in a courtroom that would work really beautifully here. It is blue on blue and was put up by CarolineLaVelle.

That way we can use Izzy's people in the SHOT 17 Finale - Pepper)

(can we have dan here somehow? - TEA) (I don't think it will work, but he can go in the finale [shot 17] - Pepper)

Shot 14

and all around the world the trial at last was shown
(Cut to: America bulb with a red circle blinking in SoCal region, then smaller red circles start appearing all over the country.)

Shot 17

Cause everybody's plugging in and passing on the wake up call

corruption thrives on secrecy, transparency is up to you and me
and we really want to see the truth set free for all.

They can't turn the lights off now, the world is much too small
Cause everybody's plugging in and passing on the wake up call
corruption thrives on secrecy, transparency is up to you and me
and we really want to see the truth set free for all.
(CUT to: Narrator and kid singing in front of Silhouette of a crowd of happy people waving their arms to the music.
Lyrics appear at the bottom of the screen and a red bouncing ball lights them up Karaoke style.)
(Please find Men and Women with Raised Arms Silhouettes on the Prop 8 collaboration page. - Izzy)
(If we can get the lesbians as the kids moms holding his hands and singing with him here, the team would really love it. It ties up the tag from the beginning, and shows both males and females singing. they don't have to lipsynch or dance much. Also PLEEEASE put dan in (phone guy) even if he can't sing - TEA)

Shot List UPDATED Weds @ 11:24pm

Created: Jan 27, 2010


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