My RECord Plans

By Shen

I'm writing these down mostly for myself. But if you want to leave something that might be useful, or want to collaborate, please let me know.

I want to be a part of your stories.

1. I want to take real life stories in audio format and edit them together with the stories of others to tell a larger tale. If this means conducting an actual interview with a fellow HitRecorder then so be it. If it means picking up audio stories people leave, then that will suffice too. I want to find the real stories and share them with others in an artistic way, including music and other art along with it. Think This American Life with a different edge.

2. I want to read fiction out loud. There is something beautiful about being read to. I want to read stories out loud, maybe even mix and match.

3. I want to write stories. My own and those inspired by the work of others. I want to be in your photos, relating events you were unaware took place within those frames.

4. I want to keep RECording.

My RECord Plans

Created: Jan 27, 2010


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