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We're putting out the call for musicians far and wide to add tracks to Sean's song. We want to have something great to show on Friday. We're looking for your parts. Read the lyrics, and consider that each planet has it's own voice. Got something cold for Saturn and her core of ice? Does spartan Mars' chilling wrath make you want to pull out your timpani? And what about our good old familiar Earth?

We'd like whatever conventional instrumentation you can play, for sure. But unconventional things are great, too. The thing to keep in mind is that this is a lullaby. It's a delicate song, and there's only so much space to fill, so consider that (as people love to say), 'less is more'. If your idea only concerns a particular section of the song, by all means, send it along without regard to the rest if you like.

We plan to present this collaboration to Sundance and the wider world on Friday. So time is of the essence. If Sean's song inspires you to something musical, please hit that RECord button in time for us to have your record by Thursday. Let's make this beautiful song even more beautiful together : )

Created: Jan 26, 2010

Tags: nebulullaby, sundance, recquest

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