Morgansen Score - Submission Requests

By Nathan

Excellent, birdinlay, that sounds perfect! Cello would be great.

Joe and I just recorded a remark, and I wanted to fill you in on the details.
We're going to upload the rough tracks, and if you're inspired, I'd love it if you'd record yourself playing an instrument with us.

We're going for a sort of organic, slightly old-world/french waltz vibe. I'm up for hearing anything you might like to add, but here's what we'd specifically like to get:

---light, open slightly jazzy chords for the restaurant scene
---beautiful, sparse solo notes & twinkling, starting with the kiss and all through the end (the chord progression is B, F#m, A)

---long cymbal rolls of different tones, played with mallets (make sure you record the swell and the entire decay)
---thunderous tympani rolls (or something like that!) for the magical kiss

*Strings (once I start getting submissions, I'll arrange and post so that you can hear the general direction and add more)
---long notes played through the restaurant scene
---dissonant tremolo leading up to, and through the Bunny Baby sequence.
---quick, perky pizzicato lines for the restaurant sequence

---stay out of the way of the melodica melody, but perhaps add chordings?!

*Clarinet, Tuba, or other orchestral sounds
---add as you see fit!

---general chording stacks to build out the magical vibe of the kiss, especially leading up to the kiss over the B major chord when the picture fades to black on each beat.

We've got people coming in this week to record the following, but feel free to add if you'd like:
-Upright bass

Most of the music is in 3/4
Tempo: 172 bpm
There are 2 main chord progressions
Morgansen's Waltz is: B - G - D - A (just playing the 1 & 5 of each chord)
Destiny's Kiss is: B - F#m - A (the B chord starts with a G note in it before it becomes a normal B major)


A note about how to record and upload, just to be clear if you don't normally do this sort of thing,

1. Download the MMM Rough Score Map file (we'll be posting it later today)
2. If you have an audio recording program like ProTools or Garageband, then import the file and set the time signature to 3/4 and the tempo to 172 bpm (most of the pieces generally flow in this rhythm).
If you have a simpler way to record, then you can just play along to the Score Map, but make sure that you use headphones so that the only thing you're recording is your performance.
4. Upload the recording of JUST YOUR PERFORMANCE (by itself, with none of the Score Map audible).

As I get your performances, I'll listen through them and begin adding pieces into the score, building it one instrument at a time.

Also, Lawrie, can we use the string swell and percussion drop for the Bunny Baby reveal? (meaning are they original from the site?)

Morgansen Score - Submission Requests

Created: Jan 26, 2010


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