Using the collective power of collaborations

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A thought (further to all the other thoughts that have been flying around this past weekend):

It seems to me that collaborations could be made more use of in terms of organising/categorising stuff in general. Maybe we should all try to have a little search around before posting to see if there is an existing collab where our pieces of art could potentially slot in. I'm not saying that they always will - just that there may be the possibility. This in itself could help to tidy up the site and make sure that records are seen much more easily by many more people from the outset.

I just had a quick look for collabs that related to my last three or four records and was able to plug them into a whole bunch of different ones. Everything has a potential use - in this life or another (my mantra), so let's try to give it all away a bit more, eh?

Created: Mar 28, 2011


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