Elspeth's REvised reRECs 3.20-3.26.11

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OK, this is a do-over, so that everyone gets reSourced properly. I'm getting the hang of this!

Re-Recs for week of 3/20-3/26/11


1. Falling Snow by vgitter. Gorgeous color in this simple footage. I had to peer closely at the screen to figure out what was going on, at first (it's the super-wet, rain-ish sort of snow that's falling).  

 2. Clocks Back: Video Response by SmudgeofPaint. OK, this was really amusing for me to watch unfold. For editors who are skilled with stills/frame-by-frame use, the individual sentences might be a lot of fun to work with.

3. Wanderer by pamagotchi. I really like the "I'm lying down" and "here is my arm, on the ground, at a very unpromising angle" footage. Now all I think is: Clips, clips, clips... reMix, reMix, reMix.

4. 88MPHHH! by lava_tornado. I have a horrible cold right now, so what my ears thought they heard in the audio portion was probabaly NOT a margarita blender (erm, I don't think), but I chortled at the thought of someone racing home from work, to get a wee drinkie. Good raw  suburban-esque road footage, sped-up.

Image (I know, this is a paltry offering)

1. Fight to the End by Spinestealer. Holy Hannah & a bucket of "Oooh, yuck!" I found this to be a surreal, downright fascinating piece of art, nevertheless. This may not be able to be used right this minute, but it would be awesome to incorporate it into Halloween-themed RECords.

 2. Crack a Smile by speric. I reREC'd speric's work last week, and I'm doing it this week because-- I uhhm, cracked up, when I saw this. I'm always on the lookout for Halloween-related RECords. For other folks who collect for autumn/Halloween, this might be something to tuck away for later.


1. Clocks Back by Metaphorest (with PASIV). Sometimes the first step in recovery is a song

. 2. Fade in Intro Music by megancarnes. I was so caught up in the visual of the bumper for CameronSmith's video RECord that I actually didn't pay 100% attention to the music being used. I'd love to hear this glitched & incorporated into other audio RECords.

 3. Untitled Strings #1 by thesherbethead. A peculiar piece at first, it becomes quite endearing. It reminds me of avant-garde theatre production music. It got a nice share of hearts-- but no one has used it, yet.

 4. Garden JeffPeff Adds 032611 by JeffPeff. Sometimes it's difficult for me to let go of versions of an audio RECord that I love "just the way they are." In this case, JeffPeff used chigwinkle's playful version-- and both RECorders added a gentle bit of spice to the delicious RECord that amferraro originally built. Tasty.


1.Martyr by theInanimateTragedy. I lovelovelove the photo here, but the words & story behind it are so staggeringly painful that I sat & cried for a good 5  minutes. This is kind-of a not-so-tiny story, that really could use a gentle illustration.

2. Make Believe (definition) by Tori. I would dearly love to see this drawn out & animated.

 3. Remnants by jordyn.myah. Nevermind that I've already shamelessly wheedled for a tune to come out of this; the words are beautiful, and could be inspiration for other types of RECords. I simply heard old-school Delta blues as the base, with plentiful possibilities on top of it. Kinda like an ice cream sundae, with sprinkles on top.

4. Touch by AeB. Oooh, the visual. Eeek. OK, combined with speric's photo & Spinestealer's multi-media RECord, I'm already prancing with October's ghosts, but I can't seem to help it.

5. in too deep. (noir intro] by crispyfuller. Technically I shouldn't include this if I want to remain current, but Oh Well. Made back in November '10, I missed this little gem until now :(  It made me think of The Man in the Herringbone Hat by Rian Johnson, which in turn made me think of this combo:

6.Elsie Spaeth: In Too Deep by Attilee. Noir! In my wildest hopes & dreams, this could be part of something for a theatrical presentation/animation of crispyfuller's story, which always makes me think of other text RECords (see below). My brain is being eaten by a fever, so all I see is Vegas, The Man in the Herringbone Hat, Project 26 (American Scrimp 'n' Save) video & music, and more noir-- delightfully reMixed.

and... drumroll:

Collab(s) of the Week: 1. Whiskey Picnic Music Video by MattConley. Just think of all the lovely footage that's out there, just waiting to be shot...


So, that's not all, but that's it for me. Cheers & Happy RECording ♥

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