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I've been going through the discussions that have come up over the last few days. Really interesting and pro-active talk about possible improvements & I wanted to make a few points to go in with the mix.



Some people think the heartrate system isn't working out. This has been discussed before - it's the same system/calculations that have been around for a couple of years. The conclusion to the previous conversation was that you have to treat it like a show of what's FRESH: if something has only been viewed 3 times but has 2 hearts, then it shows that the majority of people who've viewed it so far really liked it. If a record has 92 hearts and 1000 views (i.e. it has a lower heartrate than the previous) it is no longer FRESH - a large volume of traffic HAS seen it already, the heartrate has done its bit and the RECommendation section will now draw attention to another RECord. The heartrate is not the be all & end all of what's recently popular. I always find a greater indicator of a successful RECord over a longer period of time is the CONVERSATIONS section.

It is sadly a side effect that linking on extrernal sites and people refreshing an encoding RECord will affect the heartrate before the majority of people get to see it - that's an unfortunate issue, though one that is unavoidable. Some people would argue that the success of a RECord can also be hits - having a viewership - if people are returning multiple times to see a RECord, the hit rate goes up. On sites like youtube, the amount of page refreshes is a sign of a successful video!

Think of it that there are TWO indicators of success - a high number of HEARTS and a high HIT RATE! For an established RECord, the heartrate isn't important anymore.

(Also, for those wanting to see more than just the top 10 recommended, you can go to the "Browse" section and order the RECords there by heartrate, so you will see a larger voume of RECords with high heartrates.)



We do! No, we can't choose what gets featured but we can do loooads more than we are doing! HitRECord works if its users take responsibility. I honestly believe that nearly all of the problems that people are mentioning can be solved by its users! We are all moderators. We have to put our money where our mouth is and be confident in curating the site and being loud about how new users and regulars can help to take those ideas forward. We don't need interns or moderators to answer people's questions - we can all take responsibility for that! We all have the authority to help other users! Make your RE-REC albums! Direct them to help sections, talk to them about the ethos of the site. Start a collaboration to encourage people to remix your idea - if there's someone on the site that might be interested, leave them a comment to tell them about it. Be pro-active! More than that, just be ACTIVE! :)

More than anything, why should people respond to your RE-RECs if you're not responding to theirs?! If it becomes second nature to a few people to respond at length, it will become the norm to respond at length for everyone. I love getting comments about my work, my processes, constructive criticism etc. My heart loves getting "I adore this" comments but my head much prefers "Have you thought about doing this?!" comments. Our comments are also a way to direct artistic flow.

I feel like sometimes people are waiting for HitRECord to do the work for them. We must all take responsibiity & work even harder to make this site even more awesome! And I believe that we can do it!



Is it not human nature to check out the work of our friends first? And that we make friends with people who have similar tastes to us? So, we're mostly likely to get inspired regularly by the same things... Can you honestly say yourself that the majority of your recommendations aren't made up of the artists you regularly follow? Your friends? I do often feel like there are so many RECords I adore that don't make it to the features section. Likewise, I actually quite often dislike the things that make the front page - seriously, more often than not I don't have the same tastes as the hitRECord team. But, that's okay, I find the RECords I like elsewhere.

Though I agree with all those that said it would be useful to have some direction along with the featured RECords. I think the lack of regularity videos has really affected the flow of the site - often Joe's videos explained why things were featured and what we could possibly do with them. I really miss those! :)



Popular RECords come from all over. The HitRECord team might be completely enamoured with a RECord but it also has little chance of making money! They have to make decisions on the commercial viability of a RECord, not its artistic vision. A great piece of art isn't necessarily a marketable product.

Likewise, we don't have to wait until hitRECord does something with out art to make money from it - if we want to make money from our art elsewhere we're perfectly within our rights to do that. HitRECord didn't pick your bag design? Make it yourself! As long as its all your own work, submit a t-shirt design to another company! Shape your own success, don't wait for HitRECord to deliver success to you! Take control! :)

Also! Your art doesn't have to make money for it to be a success. If you enjoyed making it, if you grew as an artist, or if you touched one person, your art is a success. Please remember that!



I can't remember where, but I think I heard or read that HitRECord was between developers, so it's going to be a while before any site functionality changes. Phen wrote a comment about future changes here:

One of my favourite features that disappeared between the last version and this version of the site was the advanced search section. You used to be able to search for RECords in a date range & only search for RECords with a certain number of hearts. This was such an incredibly useful feature! For example, if I'd been away, I would come back and search for all the RECords over 20 hearts that had been made in the weeks I was away, so I could check out the most popular RECords since I'd been gone. That would be an ace feature to have & I think would work wonders for solving our frustrations with the current search functions.

I think the site has great things ahead of it. Being able to flag copyrighted RECords we discover will be a great development. It's coming, we just have to be patient. :)




Oh goodness, this has got really long. I'm going to leave it here. I hope some of this is useful brainfood. Please feel free to disagree with me, state your opinions in comments or disregard whatever you want. My opinions here are just as valid as yours and the next person and the person after that. I love this place & all the people who contribute to it. <3

Maybe we can all take a moment to commit to one or three or ten ways that we can personally work towards making the site better and more efficient as it stands.


Love to all!

Created: Mar 27, 2011


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