Tree of life (a slightly larger tiny story)

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From sapling he grew into a stoic, knarly fully-grown tree.  He delighted when children, young and old, would grapple through his branches and nestle in the crevices of his arms.  He basked in sunshine, protected the earth around him from rain and snow.

The world grew up around him, changing into a bustling hub of activity.  Noises and new smells, new people, bikes and cars would all charge around him, and he watched with astonishment as his position became one of an old relic in a modern world.

A garden was built around him; cordoned off with curly, black wrought-iron fencing.  Flowers and shrubs were planted nearby and though he was grateful for new friends, he was wistful of a time long past.

But then one day, he saw a little boy, running toward him with squeals of delight, and as he prepared to scoop the little boy into his limbs, the boy was caught by a gentleman who chastised him softly.

'You can't do that,' said the man to the boy, 'The sign says, 'Please do not climb the tree.''

And the stoic tree felt his bark break and he cried sticky tears of longing, to once again be able to hold and shelter a child in his branches and delight in their happiness.


Created: Mar 27, 2011


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