Racking Up the ReRecs

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Hello all! I thought to follow up with Matt Conley stating none of us have recommended enough recently, and he made me realize I haven't done rerecs in months! :( eeek sorry guys. Anyway here are mine:


1) Bunny Rabbits-TongueCutSparrow- I love the outdoor animal noises in the beginning it's such a great thing to listen to. It's unlike anything on here, and I love to envision him sitting there hanging out and enjoying nature and recording what he hears in his surrounding environment. It really blends nicely with the very tranquil and peaceful guitar part. This is a good relaxing tune.

2.) Indefinite Hiatus-TongueCutSparrow- Again I love the guitar parts on this track, simplistic yet beautiful and the lyrics match. It's amazing this track. Never heard anything like it. 

3.) Ray Perez- Beautiful Criminal- This has a great western meets espana feel. Love the concept it's new and interesting, not same ol same ol. Great sing-along, so good. 

4.) Ray Perez- A la Verdad- On this track Ray Perez raps and speaks spanish. His tracks are always exciting, because you can never anticipate what he's going to put out. 

5.) Amferraro- Deception Pass- I like the lyrics in this track more than anything else about the track. Mainly because it's a VERY specific love song. He shares explicit details about the love of his life liking musicians, and saying "I've been humming a tune in my head all day", as if to say I've been workin for your love. So many love songs are boring and all alike, but this one really tells his specific story, which was enjoyable.

6.)Metaphorest- Forget Me Not Lullab Remix- It's very sweet and touching.



1.) Ray Perez- Hypochondriac- Tiny Story- It's just a quick sentence that I found really funny and amusing.



1.) LindsayKDesigns-EMB 190 Engine- Just look at it. You'll see why it's so appealing.

2.)Skyhorse-Gwy- I love this image. It's amazing.

3.) Skyhorse in another dimension- Belcath remix- This is very colonial looking in my opinion. I just like it.

4.) Monika Dekowska- Schizophrenia- The colors are amazing, the contrast is amazing, the composition is amazing. All of her work belongs in a gallery.

5.) Metaphorest- All along the watchtower- Any picture of Scotland..is an instant win in my book. I'm a sucker for Scotland. Period end of sentence. 

6.) Monika Dekowska- The pursuit of time- Now this piece is like an instant Dali memoir. Complete with supporting ladders and holes in surrealist time. So cool. Words can't describe how thrilling that piece is. 


1.) Ray Perez- Inside the mind of a hitrecorder- Awesome video that anyone on hitrecord can enjoy. Dancing, rapping, neon colors.

2.) Liz Smalls- Emotions Collab- First Glances- This was so endearing and ultra hard to act alone by yourself. It was creative and fun to watch and she was so convincing!


That's it for now ya'll!

Created: Mar 27, 2011


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