Today I Woke Up

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Today I woke up and took a breath of fresh air
It tastes even sweeter just to know that you're there
Beyond what thoughts can grasp, I feel your presence always
And somehow I feel your warmth, even on the coldest days

Today I woke up feeling especially good
Because I dreamt about you last night, It put me in the best mood
I never thought I'd be happy, not happy like this
But I haven't stopped loving life, Not since our first kiss

Today I woke up, and had you on my mind
Optimism flows through me,  no longer inclined
To give up on this world, or to leave it behind
So I'll look towards the future, unencumbered, undefined

Today I woke up to the most beautiful sight
Overwhelmed by your beauty, I just know that it's right
But how could I deserve such an incredible gift?
Just to be in your presence, and when not, to be missed?

Today I woke up, no longer afraid
Because I have you right here
I'm so glad that you stayed


-I was trying to write a song but it came out more like a poem, does anyone think they could do anything with this? Music, creative reading, whatever.

Created: Mar 26, 2011


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